Quit Smoking eBook & Hypnosis MP3. To STOP NOW! Read Me!

Product picture Quit Smoking eBook & Hypnosis MP3. To STOP NOW! Read Me!

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Stopping Smoking is part of the New Realities/Awakening Series® creative visualizations which have been assisting individuals to transform their lives for over ten years. This program instructs the unconscious mind to create resolution and directs the subconscious mind to release thoughts, beliefs and unwanted behaviors that hinder you from realizing yourself as a non-smoker. topping Smoking is a program of unconscious direction, subconscious release and conscious focus. These creative visualizations, in conjunction with the following three conscious attitudes, assist in creating permanent and lasting change in your life.

The more you utilize these two visualizations and affirm your goals the greater the impact this program will be in guiding you to being a non-smoker.

Conscious Attitudes

1 Dont resist
What you resist does persist.

2 Be willing to be willing
An affirmation is a statement about the future made in the present as if it occurred in the past. It is our vehicle of change, i.e. I choose I am a non-smoker with ease, peace, health and joy.

3 Never say never
Rather choose not now.

The choice is yours.

Stanley Haluska, CCH offers a unique blend of spiritual intuition and practical application for conscious living. A lecturer, therapist and writer, he has developed the Awakening Series® lectures and tapes for self-empowerment and spiritual identity. He has authored Awakening Realities, a compilation of creative visualization scripts, and developed the Energies Awakening program, a comprehensive study in utilization and application of Universal Energy. He and his wife, Patricia, have co-authored Ships Of Song, A Parable of Ascension, and The Eternal Dawn, A Parable of Transition, books of visionary fiction.
A Listener's Review:
"I have lots of guided visualization CDs and many of them are powerful and life changing (if you use them enough), but this is one of the best. Stanley Haluska, with his calming voice, the soft music, and just the right timing of his words, connects right to the source, the real "me". It's hard to know exactly what he does different, but I know part of it is how he talks directly to the cells in my body and to my subconscious to release the blocks. It's a powerful and amazing experience. I highly recommend this CD." JD:Oregon

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Quit Smoking eBook & Hypnosis MP3. To STOP NOW! Read Me! Quit Smoking eBook & Hypnosis MP3. To STOP NOW! Read Me! smoking;lighter;cigarette;stop 6774538 3.00 digital-elibrary Fresh Download Available!