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Learn2Play The Guitar

6 Fantastic Ebooks that will \'Help You Learn How To Play The Guitar\', Tune Your Instrument, Read Sheet Music, & Play some Super Rock Tabs that\'ll Blow Your Friends AWAY!

Beginners of all Ages - Guitar Made Easy!
Here\'s What You Get:


eBook 1 Introduction

The method is intended for any mature learner fifteen years old or older who has not had any

prior exposure to the classical guitar. The only prerequisite that is obligatory is your desire to learn, and

the patience to understand that everything being taught in this method is important in learning how to

play the guitar. This method can be used in a class situation or for individual instruction.

Iíve tried to leave out unnecessary and time consuming exercises. This method will move rather

quickly into short musical selections utilizing the free stroke. The pieces in this method are either

composed by the author or original classical guitar pieces that have been edited by the author. Lesson 26

gives you several intermediate level guitar pieces from various time periods which are usually not included

in guitar methods but would have to be purchased separately. All the music in this method was

written for guitar and is not transcribed from other instruments.

Compared to other available methods more emphasis is being put on knowledge of rhythm and

music theory while giving you appropriate musical selections.

Before each exercise or piece, practice hints will be given to facilitate the learning of the material.

A tape will be supplied with the method, to enable you to tune your guitar and to check your

progress. Do not learn the music by listening to the tape. The tape should only be used when checking

the already learned music. If you follow these suggestions and the ones given throughout the method,

you will surprised at your own progress.

With Lesson 14 a reference sheet is provided to help you find notes for the free stroke pieces.

Avoid writing note names and frets in the music.

eBook 2 Introduction

Music to your eyes

A lot of people think music is difficult to read--but it\'s not. It\'s actually the simplest written language there is. And once you get the basics down, the rewards will last a lifetime.

Whether it\'s classical, rock, hip hop, techno, reggae, ambient, country, folk, jazz or anything else, music is written and recognized in the same way throughout most of the world.

Learning how to read music is a significant step toward eventually being able to play, sing or even write any song you want. And while this tutorial won\'t turn you into the next Duke Ellington overnight, it will provide the skills you need for a basic read.

eBook 3 Introduction

Tuning is the process of manipulating the tuning pegs

of a guitar so that each string rings at the proper note, or

pitch. There are three principal ways of doing this: reference

tuning, relative tuning and electronic tuning. These

processes are the same regardless of whether the guitar is

electric or acoustic, or whether it has nylon or steel strings.

There are many different notes that a guitar can tune to.

Blues players and fingerstylists are famous for using altered

tunings. However there is a standard guitar tuning and this is

where all students of the instrument should start.

eBook 4 Introduction

Some great guitar chords

eBook 5 Introduction

A person who has the musical skills necessary to play one or more instruments may have the desire to become a professional musician or work in a related field. The intent of this manual is to give you an insight into how you can achieve those goals and subsequently earn a comfortable living. One of the most important factors to consider when entering into any new field is to determine if there is a need for the service that you are providing. Whatever you attempt has to be marketable in order to make a profit. You perform by providing entertainment, and in exchange receive money for your services. If you can do this on a regular basis, you can become successful. If you are unable for one reason or another, you will not.

Your market will include, but not be limited to a person, group of people, or organization that requires a specific service, for example music. Marketing that product means simply preparing your product (music) and making it available to the consumer. A rock and roll club needs rock bands, Branson, Mo., needs country and easy listening, and Las Vegas needs production numbers with style.

The person going to a concert wants to be entertained, the bar owner wants a high gate as his cover charge helps to pay you, and the bride wants her wedding to be a hit and also memorable.

If you can follow these simple principles when you are out trying to book appearances for your musical enterprises, you will find work. The degree with which you accomplish these goals will determine whether you can make a lot of money or not. Just make sure that you are willing to do what it takes to be a success. Regardless of your personal style, competition, musical ability, tenacity, or your overall business sense, you can make it - or not. The only way to fail is to quit or never try at all.

eBook 6 Introduction

Ultimate references for Guitar Tabs

With this package you also get full master resell rights.

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