Kama Sutra Fully Illustrated eBook - Karma Love Sex Romance

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Drive Your Partner Wild with Kama Sutra Lovemaking Techniques

Enjoy the Quality of Tantric Love and bring the spice back into your love life!

The original of Kama Sutra text dealt with more than just sex,
but in this CD eBook it is more concentrated on the information that relates
specifically to sexual foreplay and lovemaking

Preparing for Love
Perfuming the Breath
Bathing together
The Erogenous Zones
Best Foot Forward
The Sensual Skin
Creating The Mood

Touching And Caressing
The Rubbing Embrace
The Pressing Embrace
The Piercing Embrace
The Milk and Water Embrace
Climbing a Tree
The Mixture of Sesamum Seed with Rice
The Twining of a Creeper
Mutual Grooming
Sensual Massage
Hair Play

Kissing and Mouthplay
The Kiss that Kindles Love
The Kiss that Awakens
The Kiss that Turns Away
Kissing the Body
Kissing and Licking
Clitoral Stimulation
Genital Kissing
The Butterfly Flick

Kama Sutra Positions
The Yawning Position
The Widely Opened Position
The Position of the Wife of Indra
Side-by-side Clasping position
The Pressing Position
The Twining Position
The Mare\'s Position
The Rising Position
The Half-Pressed Position
The Pressed Position

Ananga Ranga Positions
Kneeling/Lying Positions
Kama\'s Wheel
Sitting Positions
Acrobatic Positions
The Splitting of a Bamboo
Fixing of a Nail
The Crab\'s Position
The Lotus-like Position
The Turning Position
Erotic Sculptures
Woman-on-Top positions

The Positions Of the Tao
The Dragon Turns
A Silkworm Spinning a Cocoon
Two Fishes
Butterflies in Flight
Mandarin Ducks
Swallows in Love
The Pine Tree
The Galloping Horse
Seagulls on the Wing
Cicada on a Bough
The Goat and the Tree
The White Tiger
A Phoenix Playing in a Red Cave
A Huge Bird Above a Dark Sea
A Singing Monkey
Late Spring Donkey
Cat and Mice Sharing a Hole

Before And After Love
Safer Sex
Minimizing Risk
Non-Penetrative Sex
Using a Condom
Prolonging the Mood

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